Our Farm

Our farm is located just a short walk from the retreat property. You can take a brief hike to see the fruit orchards and visit our horses and sheep. Or, take a long guided hike into the deep jungle.

We grow a variety of fruit on the farm including our famous Peruano Limes that are super juicy. There is always wildlife to see including a large variety of birds, sloths and monkeys.

We have rubber boots for your use.

Do not miss a visit to the Bluff Beach Retreat Farm. Hike through the lime and orange trees (fill your pockets to enjoy with your evening cocktail). BBR limes are in great demand throughout Bocas – super juicy!

Pick one of our bananas as a treat for one of our famous horses. Our farm is home to our growing family of 15 horses and 50 sheep. Simply stunning animals that are available for trail riding.

Bluff Beach Retreat is our little bit of paradise that we are thrilled to share with our guests. We are happy to assist you with your travel needs and any questions you may have about your trip to Panama.

Ron and Christine Dennis

Please Call/Whatsapp/Email: Ron 6677-8867 – ron@bluffbeachretreat.com to book a horseback riding tour.

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