Bocas del Toro


Bocas del Toro is known for it’s vast array of wildlife and ocean creatures. The Smithsonian has a tropical research centre that focuses on both marine and land environments. The pictures in this photo gallery were taken on our property and on the beach in front.

Bluff Beach is a protected turtle nesting site. Beginning in March through September, different varies of turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach. The most impressive being the Giant Leatherback Turtle! You can ask for a nighttime wake-up call and join the guides on the beach as they record and monitor the turtle activity.


Bocas del Toro is an archipelago or a group of islands. There is something for everyone – the ocean lover and the hiker. Or, just grab a hammock and a good book and RELAX!

On the property we have bikes, snorkel gear, boogie boards and rubber boots for your use. Many activities are right outside our front door. Take the bikes down the road – pack a lunch and bring snorkel gear to enjoy the pools of Playa Pristina and the Piscina. For the surfer, there are different breaks around the archipelago during Bocas del Toro surf season. Bluff Beach can be an experienced surfer’s dream!

We have excellent boat guides just a phone call away to help you explore the islands of Bocas – jump off to swim and snorkel to see the most amazing coral and marine life. Visit a local cacao farm to see how chocolate is made – don’t forget to bring some home!

Of course, the Horses of Bluff Beach Retreat are always happy to give you a lift to the Piscina. Take a hike to the farm for a visit with the horses and sheep or if you like to get dirty – you are welcome to pick up a brush and help out with the grooming.

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